Eaux de parfum

Joli Bois, Bien-Aimée and Tison created in partnership with the nose Lyn Harris, take you on a journey through the 18th century by retracing the exceptional fate of Madame de Pompadour.

The "Joli Bois" pattern finds its inspiration in Aubusson tapestries and particularly in the "Verdures" (the greens) that have adorned noble interiors since the Middle Ages.

"Joli Bois" with its vegetal notes symbolizes the meeting between the young woman and the King of France, Louis XV, in the forest of Sénart.

The "Bien Aimée" pattern is composed from floral pieces of embroidery from our personal collection.

"Bien Aimée" with its floral and powedery notes is an invitation to stroll through the alleys of the gardens of Versailles.

The repetitive pattern that dresses the "Tison" packaging borrow from the tradition of the domino papers.

"Tison" with its smoky and woody notes reminds the quietness and warmth of the fireplace, the incandescence of the embers in the crackling wood fire in the petit salon.

"A Paris chez Antoinette Poisson launched in october 2020 its first line of perfumes composed of 3 fragrances. Joli Bois, Bien Aimée & Tison, entirely designed and made in France, are inspired by the exceptional destiny of the Marquise de Pompadour, born Jeanne-Antoinette Poisson.

"It was about releasing the emotions but also capturing the great beauty and decadence of this period". Lyn Harris

Lyn Harris, independent perfumer, is the creator of the 3 fragrances "Joli Bois", "Bien Aimée" & "Tison".

Madame de Pompadour painted by François Boucher.