The shop & workshop

Located in a typically Parisian courtyard, the boutique houses the flagship products of the brand’s creations: domino paper sheets, wallpapers, printed linens, perfumes, stationery, decorative handmade objects.

The shop’s large Orangery windows open a sight onto the workshop where the printing and colouring of domino papers happen which is the heart of the Antoinette Poisson’s craftsmanship. 

The decoration is inspired by prints from Diderot and d’Alembert’s Encyclopaedia illustrating the domino papers makers at work. The printed papers dry on cords and the colouring is done by stencil or freehand on a large table.

It is in this timeless setting, between tradition and modernity, that we make the emblematic objects signed A Paris chez Antoinette Poisson.


A Paris chez Antoinette Poisson
12 Saint-Sabin Street, Paris 11

Opening days
Tuesday to Friday from 11am to 7pm
Saturdays from 12h to 19h

Bastille, Bréguet Saint-Sabin