The savoir-faire

The “dominoterie” is a handcrafted technique from the 18th century. The so-called “domino paper” is cut into the printing block help from a metal block where the pattern is engraved in relief with floral or geometric patterns, then paint by hand or stenciled. Thereby, each sheet of domino paper with a dimension of 32 x 42 cm is individually created.

The domino paper was traditionally used to cover books, boxes and caskets and decorate the inside of chests or cabinets. It was also used to decorate the walls of small rooms such as corridors or alcoves. It was also frequently used to bind paperbacks, which today is a rare testimony to a large production. 

These decorative papers reached its apogee in the 18th century before gradually disappearing in the following century, with the invention of continuous paper.

A Paris chez Antoinette Poisson remains faithful to the techniques of that time and the aesthetics of the 18th century. The domino paper collection is drawn, printed sheet by sheet and coloured in its Parisian workshop. Vincent and Jean-Baptiste create original designs or take their inspiration from historical documents and objects.

From this craftsmanship, the brand A Paris chez Antoinette Poisson proposes wallpaper by the roll, fabrics and handmade decorative objects with timeless charm.