Antoinette Poisson puts its imagination and its savoir-faire at the service of brands to create personalized and emblematic pieces.

In collaboration or as part of a service, we imagine colourful patterns and environment by revisiting the decorative arts of the French Age of Enlightenment. Tableware and decorative objects, fashion pieces, packaging are designed in real 18th century decors spirit.

The American brand of luxury hair products Oribe entrusts Antoinette Poisson with the design of its 2021 limited edition "Holiday collection". Jean-Baptiste Martin and Vincent Farelly imagined four unique designs for Oribe’s holiday packaging that weave together the history of both brands combining 18th century patterns and others inspired by the universe of the american brand and its creator, Oribe Canales.
Emblematic of love, peace and freedom, the famous dove-adorned bottle of L'Air de Temps has been constantly reinvented since its creation in 1948. For this collaboration with Nina Ricci, Antoinette Poisson's designers have created a golden motif inspired by the Jouy canvases, where a dove twirls in a floral universe.
For Christmas 2020, Monoprix is ​​teaming up with Antoinette Poisson to create a unique capsule collection: tableware, ready-to-wear, decorative objects, bed linen are adorned with floral or geometric patterns inspired by the decorative arts of the 18th century.
For Gucci's 2018-2019 Cruises collection, Antoinette Poisson has designed six patterns transposed onto some twenty pieces: blouses, coats and everyday objects have been adorned with brightly coloured floral motifs.
The meeting of the brands Diptyque and Antoinette Poisson led to the creation of two exclusive designs composed with roses and imaginary vegetation to illustrate the Diptyque fragrant "Rosa Mundi" collection.
The specialist in western carpets has chosen Antoinette Poisson to create a series of three exclusive carpets in a limited edition based on drawings from the domino papers’ collection.
On the occasion of the launch of the new Ladurée macaroons collection called "La vie en rose", Antoinette Poisson imagined the pattern of the boxes inspired by gardens of old roses that interlace around a geometric treillis to form a bucolic garden filled with roses.
For the parisian fashion brand Sézanne, Antoinette Poisson has given life to three designs called Petite Indienne, Ikat, and Treillages, which are available in domino papers and everyday items.
In 2016, Les Editions Gallimard reissues "Un amour de Swann", based on Marcel Proust's famous paperolles. The cover pages of this prestige edition are adorned with a drawing signed Antoinette Poisson inspired by the flowers mentionned in the pages of the novel.
Inspired by Marie-Antoinette's bathroom and the views of the garden during King Louis XV’s reign find in Rigaud's prints, the Château de Versailles called upon Antoinette Poisson to imagine the decor of the Boutique de la cour de Marbre.
Confiture Parisienne and Antoinette Poisson come together with the original creation of a jam named "Puits d'amour" as a tribute to the eponymous cake that King Louis XV had ordered for his favourite. Inspired by the ingredients of the jam, raspberries, redcurrants and violets decorate the box according to the spirit of the 18th century patterns.

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