New collection 2024

Ruth Ribeaucourt x Antoinette Poisson: a considered collaboration

Ruth Ribeaucourt, Vincent Farelly & Jean-Baptiste Martin share a common interest in 18-th century printed textiles.
An ardent collector, Ruth proposed the idea of creating a collection inspired by a few of her favourite pieces from her archives: including borh printed and hand-painted toiles, with provenance ranging from Bordeaux, Provence and India.
From these pieces, a collection of ten patternes was born, available in both wallpaper and fabrics printed by the meter, cushions, decorative objects such as wedding chests and papier-mâché lampshades as well as a new range of stationery.

The entire collection is available in Paris at the atelier-boutique at 12 rue St-Sabin and at the shop at Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche, as well as in Brittany at the Port-Liberté boutique and via their online boutique.