Jam box set "Puits d'amour"

Antoinette Poisson x La confiture parisienne

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A Paris chez Antoinette Poisson draws a new box design which contains the jam called "Puits d'amour" make by Confiture Parisienne.

Why "Puits d’Amour"?
In the 18th century, King Louis XV made realized the tastiest desserts for his beloved, the Marquise de Pompadour, by his best pastry chefs. It was called "Puits d'Amour", a cake with the best jam ever imagined at the time. The secret was forgotten since the dessert is made today with pastry cream. It took the meeting of Antoinette Poisson and Confiture Parisienne for this marvelous recipe to revived.

Redcurrant, raspberry and violet jelly.
Total sugar content 57%.
Prepared with 60G of fruit for 40G of unrefined cane sugar.

250g jar.

On a slice of bread, a pancake, a brioche, or fromage blanc.

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